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Unique car tuning

If you want your car to perform better and stand out among others, then car tuning is the right solution for you. The only thing that limits you is your imagination. APC Performance can make your dreams come true. We make parts from carbon from scratch. We treat each order individually, discussing it in detail with the client to get the full picture of their needs. This is probably the secret of our success and the reason why we enjoy positive feedback from many satisfied customers. We are driven by passion and offer truly designer stuff. All in the spirit of handmade, made in Poland.

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Why carbon?

Initially expensive, carbon (carbon fiber) was used by the air force and the aerospace industry. It is 5 times lighter than steel, which is why the elements made of it help improve acceleration and speed. It is no surprise that McLaren got interested in the material and introduced it to Formula 1. Today the body of every F1 car is made of carbon fiber. Carbon is a very firm material, it has very low thermal expansion, and is extremely durable.

For whom?

Today carbon is generally available for production of composites, such as: skin of sports cars and motorcycles, bicycle frames , skis, etc. You can use it too and feel special.


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Carbon fiber for your car

The line of products made of carbon fibers is driven by our passion for the automotive and new technology. We are a young company. W have been expanding our know-how by producing bicycle accessories from light alloys. We use carbon fibers not only for producing new parts or pasting over the existing elements. We can fix or prepare the damaged parts for covering. We can also fully regenerate the damaged carbon elements. Moreover, we design unique steering wheels at the client’s individual request. We produce both new and slimmed doors (their weight is just 4.3 kg!), mirror frames, and small emblems with irregular shapes. We create parts which are unavailable for the given car model or they exist only in the client’s imagination. All made of 100% carbon fiber.

Carbon – portfolio

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